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The Event Venue Checklist  – all you need to know about venue vetting and the important answers to have before signing on the dotted line.  Our 20 key questions to ask when choosing an event venue- the checklist could make a big difference in finding the perfect event venue.  We understand this can be a lengthy and potentially stressful process, which is why we have prepared the Event Venue Checklist with 20 key questions to ask when choosing the perfect event venue.  The Event Venue Checklist will help you to ask the right questions; which can make all of the difference.   

If you would like to walk through the steps with one of our event experts, Get in touch here

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Below , the Event Venue Checklist – 20 key questions to ask when choosing the perfect venue outlined over 5 key categories with 4 questions within each category.   

Know your budget.

  1. Rental Cost – What is your desired venue rental cost for your date and event duration?
  2. Prep Day – Is there a charge for a preparation day?  – usually one day before the event?
  3. Payment Policy – What is their booking and payment policy or the venue? How much do you have to pay for the deposit and is it refundable?
  4. Cancellation Policy – What are deadlines and mandatory penalties in case of cancelation? 

Catering possibilities.

Your guests typically arrive hungry and thirsty.  One of the most important segments of a successful event is food and drinks. Make sure to know F&B regulations at your venue 

  1. In-House – Is there an in-house caterer?
  2. Service and Rates – What type of service do they provide and what are the rates?
  3. External Catering Service – Is it possible to use an independent caterer, and is there a list of exclusive suppliers?
  4. Additional Cost for Catering – Does the venue rental include inventory for catering service (tables, chairs, cutlery etc.)

Staffing the Event

A good team will make your event seem effortless, so make sure to include it in the budgeting.

  1. Venue Rental Rate – Does the venue rental price include its event staff?
  2. Venue Staff Hours – To what degree do you require the services of the venue’s staff?
  3. Contact Person – Who is the main point of contact in the venue and is that person in charge of organizing the venue staff team?
  4. Fees for Event Staff – Is there any fee to pay to the venue for sourcing your event staff team?

Be aware of Facilities at the Venue

Make sure to know everything about facilities and possible setbacks of the venues. Select a venue with the ability to fulfill your event’s requirements.

  1. Previous Events – Were any events like yours held in the venue before?
  2. General Amenities – Are there any amenities that are suitable for your needs? This applies to everything from storage space to ceiling height.
  3. Acoustics, Audio Visual, Technology – What are the venue’s AV capabilities and facilities? Are there WiFi, speakers, microphones, cameras? Good tech is critical for event overall success, especially if you go with a hybrid event format.
  4. Restrooms – Are bathrooms available and suitable for the number of people at the event?

Accessibility for Guests and Staff

  1. Transport – What are the best ways to get to and from the venue?
  2. Parking – Are there enough parking spots for your guests and staff?
  3. Handicap Access – Is the venue accessible for those with limited mobility?
  4. Private Staff Entrance – Is there a staff entrance or elevator and a convenient path to transport any equipment or catering? 


Remember – every question is welcome.  And clarifying any doubt is important in delivering the best event possible. Therefore, if you answer all the above-mentioned questions, you are on your way to pick a great venue for a  successful event, without any unexpected turns.

One of our venue managers will be happy to answer your questions and contribute to your event’s success. 

If you need a hand in choosing a venue for any of our key events like MIPIM, ISE, Mobile World Congress, and Cannes Lions, or an exciting event venue at any other time of the year, let us help. 

Our team of experienced professionals will do the communicating, and negotiating with venue management for you.  And we will provide the answers to these questions for you.  Leave it to the experts.


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