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Our top 3 preferred platforms for large virtual events

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, we adopted many new online event formats and terms to describe them.

So let’s a first-place define some key terms we are writing about.  In general, online events fall into a few different categories: Webinars & Meetings, Live Streams, and Virtual Events. 

And here are short definitions of those categories.

Webinars & meetings are for both small and large groups, but the key characteristics are that you’re encouraging attendee interactivity, maybe presenting some visual material, and controlling who can attend.

Live Stream is an online experience optimized for capturing as many viewers as possible. You’re less concerned with interactions or attendee data and are more focused on maximizing reach. 

Virtual Events are large-scale virtual gatherings with specific needs like Q&A, chat rooms, virtual tradeshows, and similar tools. For this type of event, you’ll probably have a pre-defined budget, a longer preparation process, and work on building out the tools to make it perfect.

If you are looking for the best solution for your next online webinar or meeting, our blog on How to choose the most suitable platform for an online event? will be helpful. On the other side, if you plan to stream an event online, read this blog about Best Event Streaming Services.

And, what brought you here is probably a quest for a good platform for that big virtual event you are working on. So, in this blog, we highlighted 3 preferred platforms for large virtual events. For each of them, we describe their key features and things you should consider when choosing the right one.


Its main motto says they are The hybrid event platform built for engagement and event excellence. Hubilo offers tools for registration and executing of the event, as well as after-event comprehensive analytics so you can calculate the ROI of the event. What sets them apart from the competitors is their ”white-glove customer success team” available 24/7, to reduce the anxiety of organizing an event.

Here are some top reasons why we recommend using this platform.

  • It is possible to organize any type of event, ranging from a small meeting to a large trade show or exhibition.
  • Five stars customer support team.
  • Hubilo caters to your needs with numerous customization and branding options.
  • Provides engagement and discussion tools including virtual tables and breakout rooms.
  • There is an option to send in-event notifications about live agenda updates or similar.


Cadence is the all-in-one events platform for live, virtual, and hybrid events. Yes, their solutions are used to better manage live, in-person events as well.

When organizing events with Cadence, we appreciate great Customer Success Services & Support.

There are many solutions and tools to make any type of event a success. So, here are the top reasons why we featured this platform.

  • Cadence offers great customizable design options, that are important to every company that wants to highlight its brand visual identity.
  • The platform is intuitive and easy to use for all generations, which helps to bring all participants where they should be, in time.
  • They enable an easy registration process and welcome emails
  • Based on the tools you use, Cadence Give everyone an opportunity to connect, share their knowledge, ideas, and questions
  • Easy communications and resource sharing via the platform


Orbits are not just a platform, it is an actual online event venue. This company goes beyond event organization, they provide you with a more immersive, collaborative, and efficient virtual work or learning environment. There are two main options for you when it comes to choosing a venue: READY-TO-GO EVENTS VENUES – already made Orbits events venues and CUSTOM BUILDS where they create a full digital twin of an existing physical space, or a custom build the venue of your dreams. 

So, we summarized why we love ORBITS in a few main features.

  • A real, online, shared venue allowing superior networking opportunities.
  • The platform is designed in an intuitive way and it is easy to access and use it.
  • It is suitable for many events like – presentations, seminars, and interactive workshops. There is a chat option with live HD video.
  • With Orbits we can brand the venue or even design a full digital twin of a planned physical event.

That is our list of by far the three best platforms for large virtual events. Did you know about all of them? Hopefully, we helped you to learn something new in this blog. 

If you have some questions or need our assistance in designing and executing the next virtual event, let us know via email. We are here for you!