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7 Unique Event Venues in Barcelona – 

After years of hosting corporate events (and having attended even more), classic venues can begin to look and feel the same.  We love new and unique. Hence, we outline 7 Unique Event Venues in Barcelona.  Here we outline some of our customer’s favorites, although our list is extensive.  We live here so we know what’s new and cool.  Whether you are looking to host events in hotels, a conference room or meeting space, or a jaw-dropping unique location, we have the solution in our back pocket.

Each event has a different vibe and for that reason, you want something special and unique every time. A hard-to-forget event venue.

As a result of our extensive experience, we have highlighted 7 Unique Event Venues In Barcelona.

Corporate events are always about emotion and connections. Moreover, an event is a powerful way to present your company, product, service, or experience. And picking the right venue is the key to ensuring your audience’s experience is unique to your company and something your guests will remember.

These 7 unique event venues in Barcelona have been carefully selected, by our team who bring over 30+ years of experience organizing all types of events in this marvelous city of Gaudi.

 Casa Batlló

Casa Batllo is one of the most requested venues from our list of 7 Unique Event Venues in Barcelona. Additionally, it is listed as a World Heritage site and is located in the heart of Barcelona. Because of that, it is a perfect venue for your next big event. The building is Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece and a benchmark of modernist style. It has avant-garde spaces for hosting all types of events, such as a Gala dinner, a cocktail, a product launch, and a presentation.

Offering three unique spaces: the Noble Floor, the Attic, and the Dragon Roof Terrace.

Noble Floor

This is the main floor of Casa Batlló and has connected parts: Great Hall, the Main Dining room, and the Modernist Courtyard. So, it is suitable for different events with capacities for 80 people in a meeting set up, and up to even 250 for a cocktail.

The Attic

Planning a presentation for an innovative product or service, for a small exclusive group? Then, Attic qualifies itself as one of your best choices.  It is built with Gaudi’s bone-colored catenary arches, giving events a futuristic, unique, and unforgettable atmosphere. Stunning.

Dragon Roof Terrace

This venue is ideal for an open-air type of event, with a fairy-tale atmosphere. 300m2 area with stunning views of Barcelona,  framed with four groups of chimneys decorated with mosaic technique and with the profile of the dragon. You may not want to add any other decor. If you want your event to deliver a message of modernity and elegance the Roof Terrace is a good pick.

Palau Güell

This stunning architectural achievement, which is why it was chosen as part of the 7 Unique Event Venues in Barcelona, was one of the first jobs Antoni Gaudí received at the start of his career. The task was to build an Urban Palace for Eusebi Güell, an industrialist and politician, as an extension of the family home on La Rambla. Today,  you can rent spaces in the Palace to host your special event. It is ideal for cultural, social, and educational activities.

This venue is located in the heart of Barcelona, easily accessible by public transport or car.


One of the most sought-after venues in town.  This Brewery is your next event venue.   Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

If your goal is a casual atmosphere for your company event – then organize it at the newly renovated  Moritz Barcelona Brewery in Sant Antoni. With multiple event spaces, we can accommodate many group sizes.

Room 39

Room 39 is a one-of-a-kind space for an unforgettable event experience. This venue housed the fermentation cellars of the former Moritz brewery, back in the 19th Century. A private room can host a multitude of events with the possibility of creating a theme with its lighting. There is also a height-adjustable platform, which can become a large central bar.  The space is equipped with all sound and audiovisual needed to host the perfect event.  Capacity up to 320 people for a cocktail.

Tank Room

Yes, your mental picture of it is correct. This is a room full of tanks of water for brewing the beer. 150m2 room has a soundproof curtain allowing it to be completely private to organize any kind of event. Capacity up to 130 people in a Cocktail setup.

In addition to Room 39 and Tank Room, there are also three additional spaces for all types of events, from 70 to 150m2. If you are visiting Barcelona soon, we can organize a site inspection for you.

Maritime Museum of Barcelona

Don’t you agree that combining history with modern is always a win when it comes to event design? Explore the possibility to organize your next event here. You can choose among 7 unique, multi-purpose spaces for holding conferences, presentations, gala dinners, shows, conventions, and all manner of events. So, there are Sala Gran, Grada Major, Jardí del Museu, Auditori, Botigues de la Generalitat, Vestíbul, and Jardí del Baluard. Here is the download link for a brochure with detailed descriptions, images, and capacities of each venue.

Event venue in Maritime museum in Barcelona

Maritime museum

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

The Palau Nacional is one of the most emblematic spaces of Barcelona. It is inaugurated in 1929, on the occasion of the International Expositions, and from that day it is the setting for various events for both the social life of Barcelona and for international companies that want a unique place.

Here are also multiple choices. There is seven to be exact. So you are sure to find one for your specific event. And we have included links for each space in the list below, so feel free to explore it.

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya best venues

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Llotja de Mar

Excellence and uniqueness are their main references. The versatility of the spaces that make up La Llotja de Mar in Barcelona allows for hosting events of various kinds, from private celebrations to major congresses.

The venue is located on the seafront in the historic center of Barcelona. Because the building ​​is one of the most significant and splendid monuments, it represents the economy and culture of the city. It is just a few meters from the Port of Barcelona and the old part of the city. Images are worth a thousand words, they say. So, browse their website and fall in love with this place.

llotja del mar barcelona event venue

Llotja del mar

Picasso Museum

We just can get enough of places full of history and art, like this one.

The Museu Picasso is one of the most famous museums in the city. That is why it is a benchmark center for studying one of the most influential artists in history: Pablo Picasso.

The building of the museum is architecturally breathtaking. And it is in an outstanding location in the heart of the city’s cultural, commercial, and tourist district, surrounded by centuries of history and art.

Within this unique setting, the museum offers the chance to hold a range of private and corporate events in its most impressive venues. And, if you strive for an exclusive atmosphere at your event, this venue will win you over. Its versatile venues can be easily adapted to the format of your event, capitalizing on the museum’s cultural heritage to the full.

Picaso museum as event venue

Picasso Museum

We hope our list of 7 Unique Event Venues in Barcelona is helpful and inspires you. But, our portfolio of venues is extensive.  If you haven’t found what you are looking for here, contact one of our Event Managers here or drop us an email. We can answer your questions regarding venues, and any questions you may have about organizing your event in Barcelona.

If you find this article helpful, we will appreciate it if you share it via your private or business social media. By doing that, more people can discover these incredible places in Barcelona.


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