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Best places to eat french pastries in Cannes

Cannes is full of inviting places where you can try great French pastries or have a dessert. In the city center, you will run across plenty of ice cream parlors, macaron shops, and stylish pâtisseries (of the highest caliber). Those places are great for breakfast, dessert with a cup of tea, or the essential after-dinner coffee. Read our list of some of the most popular spots.

Ladurée Cannes

Their address: 79 rue d’Antibes, 06400 Cannes.

Ladurée is a famous Parisian chain, famed for macarons and their desserts. This branch in Cannes is equally popular as its Parisian counterparts and sells a lovely selection of macarons and pastries.

Ladurée is a high-end pâtisserie and a great place to have a nice cup of tea or gourmet coffee with small chocolate and sweet bites on the side.

Lenôtre Cannes

You must know about Ratatouille. Well, Lenotre chef was the inspiration behind the animated film.

This place is a serious business. They offer internet orders, home address delivery, amazing desserts, and even a chocolate blog.

Lenôtre is situated on rue d’Antibes. This street is full of other inviting chocolate shops and pâtisseries.

Jean-Luc Pelé Patisserie

On the first mention of this place, one must think of their fancy-packed macarons. Jean-Luc Pelé, a chef, learned his craft at Lenôtre. Then decided to set up his pâtisserie in Cannes. He promotes macarons with adventurous flavors, like foie gras. This lovely place serves every kind of pastry, dessert, sandwich, and savory snack.

You can find them at Monti, 2690 Route de Sospel or 1 rue Partouneaux in Menton.

Jérôme De Oliveira – Pâtisserie – Chocolaterie

The place is run by Jérôme De Oliveira, a world champion of patisserie. It is a fancy boutique patisserie/tea room. Don’t miss to try jewel-like pastries, macarons, and their new creation, bubble cakes in assorted flavors.

They have two locations in Cannes. First is Jérome de Oliveira 91, avenue Louison Bobet, but you can also find them at 91 Av. Louison Bobet.

That was our list of favorites. Do you have something to add? Let us know. We love to hear back from you.

Also, if you have any inquiries about your visit any Cannes, let us know.

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