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Globalization, digital nomad, co-working, virtual offices, work from home, work from anywhere – things have changed in the business world. How do we conduct business post-pandemic escalated from a few remote office spaces around cities to a growing resource of multi-purpose meeting, event, and office spaces combined?

Chances are you stopped here to find a good Co-working space in Barcelona or as others may call it, the virtual office space. You are in the right place. Whether passing through during a congress or tradeshows like Mobile World Congress Barcelona, ISE, or Salon Nautic or looking for a space while you experience Barcelona, we have what you are looking for.

We (as business travel experts) know that there are a lot of people nowadays who are WFH (work from home), working on the go, or have completely shifted to the digital nomad lifestyle. Co-working spaces are new offices for many (especially Millennials and Gen Zs) people.

Substantial technological advancements and digital connectivity progress have brought us the opportunity. And, we are grateful for that.

If you happen to visit one of the prettiest cities in Europe (Barcelona), which we call home, here is where you can catch up with your work in a private office using a flexible desk for an hour or two, rent a space for a few days, or extend your stay with a fixed desk. Day passes are available in most Co-working locations.

We are happy to say that our city offers an extensive selection of co-working spaces. As well, new co-working spaces are opening up daily, across the city, to accommodate the growing number of freelancers, creative young people, and/or small business owners.

Below you will find our list of suggestions for shared workspace in Barcelona, in alphabetical order.

Aticco, Barcelona

The first one on our list happens to be one of the biggest co-working spaces in Barcelona. Their location is very convenient to enjoy the center of Barcelona (They also have locations in Madrid). Situated between Born and Eixample. A HUGE space – imagine a modern co-working space ins a six-story building, with no less than 400m2 of terrace space. Undoubtedly a crown jewel?

There is much more than just desks and office spaces, offering access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A Gym – well that is a huge plus. Aticco Urquinaona offers a weekly program of events, after-work activities, different training opportunities, and free talks that will help you grow professionally and expand your network with spaces for freelancers, start-ups, and companies.

All relevant information about working hours, rates, and offers, you can easily find here.

Aticco, a co-working space in Barcelona

Cahoot, Barcelona

Here comes a different vibe. This co-working place is most suitable for foodies and gamers, with event space, private offices, and co-working. How cool is that?

Spacious, comfortable, modern design, and free refreshments too. But here is a little secret. They are members of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with App developers already taking advantage of the benefits. Learn more about this network in their blog.

Cahoot is located at Carrer de Floridablanca 92-94 Barcelona. They say it is ok if you just stop by, but contacting them in advance is recommended and their team will make sure to secure the best experience for you.

Cahoot, a co-working space in Barcelona

Cloudworks, Barcelona

Look at that view…This amazing co-working space company in Barcelona is very popular among freelancers, startups, and companies. The main values of their locations are security and flexibility.

There is no part of the town, or hotspot in Barcelona, where you can not find one of the twelve Cloudworks locations. The spaces are incredibly designed, modern and functional with all of the modern conveniences for you to feel comfortable. You can get more info, directions, and plans on this link.

As you would expect from a place like this, there are many offers and models to choose from. You can opt to have a fixed or flexible co-working space, a private office, or just buy a daily or weekly pass.

Events and meetings are also frequently organized there. If this is what you looking for, we guarantee this is a great venue. Don’t forget, our experts can help you organize every detail. You can reach us here.

Cloudworks, a co-working space in Barcelona

Coco Coffice, Barcelona

The “Co-Working Cafe”. Not another regular co-working office-style space. This is more like a coffee place and place with WiFi combined BUT, they charge you per hour, not for consumption. Guilt-free. It is very affordable, so it is perfect for students and writers.

Chic decor style, natural materials, and plenty of light – definitely setting the perfect scenery for casual work. All rates include coffee, organic teas, and healthy snacks. There is also a meeting room that you can book for only 1 EUR per hour (book ahead of course), and that will give you more privacy in case you have an interview, video call, or just need more privacy. Co-working rates start at 3.50 Euros hourly and a full day, 18 Euros.

Coco Coffice hosts events for members of their community, where you can try doing crafts, DIY, play board games, or just share a drink with nice people. Find out more about this amazing place HERE

Coco Coffice, a co-working space in Barcelona

EL ESPAI, Barcelona

This place is not only a co-working space but a creative hub as they call it. The vibe – its industrial style, and rustic yet artistic interior design like the people that work there. It will definitely inspire you and get your creativity flowing.

Two interesting selling points? They are open 24/7 and they offer a free trial day to newcomers. How convenient!

As per their website, this is a gathering place for creative minds – graphic designers, writers, video producers, and people coming from similar industries. No wonder they are networking during business hours but also during events that are organized in this place frequently.

Next time you are in Barcelona, check out this place at CARRER VIGATANS, 11.

El Espai, a co-working space in Barcelona

La Vaca coworking, Barcelona

No, we are not talking about co-working with cows. This place is very cool—no wonder it gathers a diverse community, from artists to engineers.

This venue is located in the heart of Poble Sec, and believe it or not, it was formerly a dairy shop from the 50′s. This is where people from Barcelona used to buy fresh milk and cheese. Today it is a place where businesses are developed. Here is an interesting overview from nymag.com, written by Jennifer Ceasar, about the creative neighborhood of Poble Sec.

What sets them apart from the previously mentioned spaces is the less-formal-more-playful atmosphere. Their focus is being a community that works hard and plays hard. That’s why they organize weekly events to increase interactions between members, such as “Community Lunch”, weekly Football games, or Afterworks and Networking Events. 

They also offer a cozy self-service cafeteria, equipped kitchen, and chillout areas, as well as a pool table, ping pong, and a console on the lower level. To learn more, check out their website.

La Vaca, a co-working space in Barcelona

Makers of Barcelona (MOB)

Pioneers in this field in Barcelona. Here is their story.

Makers of Barcelona (MOB), wanted to create a place where people would interact and work freely. More than a decade ago, their team transformed an old textile factory into two open spaces, with more than 100 desks, workshops,s and meeting rooms. Within the MOB there is also an event venue, an exhibition gallery, a creative space, and a café. Back in the day, MOB was Barcelona’s very first co-working space located in the center of Barcelona. Currently, there are 2 locations in the neighborhoods of Eixample with 7 different meeting spaces and the ability to host small groups of 5 to larger groups of 75 guests. The El Borne location with the capability to host from 4 – 45 people in a privatized space.

People describe this place as a great networking opportunity too. It appeals to PR and communication professionals, so if this is you, you will feel right at home.

MOB, a co-working space in Barcelona

My Monday, Barcelona

My Monday, which we are sure you will love. This is one of the best co-working spaces in Barcelona. They offer not one, but five locations in Barcelona (additional locations include Malaga and Madrid) with three rental models: Hot table, Fixed desk, or Private office.

Space is created and evolving around one main principle – an ever-changing business environment. This is how they put it in their own words:

“The way we work is changing. The office is rapidly becoming a gathering point and we all want to be able to connect and work anywhere, anytime. At My Monday, we aim to lead this transformation by defining new office formulas, new job descriptions and new meeting points for workers.”
My Monday, a co-working space in Barcelona

One Cowork, Barcelona

Another great coworking space designed to cater to the needs of individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. There is something for everyone. On top of that, their team is working towards being a zero-emission office, making a continuous effort to lower its environmental footprint.

They offer Flexible Private Offices, Dedicated Desks, Flexible Desks, and Meeting rooms. You can find more details on their website. They also offer daily or weekly passes.

Locations can be found here: Plaça Catalunya, Av. de la Catedral, and Portal de l’Àngel.

Are you making a quick stop in Barcelona? Find solutions for quality hotels and short-term rental apartments, getting around the city, and more in our blog.

One Cowork, a co-working space in Barcelona

We hope you enjoyed discovering our 9 favorite co-working venues in Barcelona. For your next business trip, event, corporate meeting, or accommodation near your temporary office space get in touch and our team. Contact us here!

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