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Be realistic about the Wifi. With tens of thousands of people in Cannes during events like MIPIM, Cannes Lions, and Cannes Film Festival tweeting, emailing and instagramming, the connection is not always great. Some restaurants have wifi service and it’s touch-n-go in the Palais des Festivals. We suggest investing in portable wifi.

Check out the following wifi service providers:

  1. Hippocketwifi
  2. lavacanza
  3. Skyroam
  4. Travelwifi

This wifi service requires a portable wifi unit.  We recommend that these are purchased prior to your arrival in Cannes. These units can be ordered directly from the providers and can also be found via Amazon.

Rely on EAS for the best in quality accommodations, exclusive venues, event and marketing management, and other special concierge services. Knowing about WiFi is very useful, but what if your phone gets broken? We got you covered in that situation too. More info about phone repair shops is in our blog.

For further information, get in touch.

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