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Music for events is to be or not to be. It can make or break an event.

So, dedicate a fair portion of planning time and money the next time you host an event. Or, let us help. We can take the guesswork out of the planning for a smooth and successful event, with the best music.

Let’s dig deeper into why music for events is so important.

We can get emotional, or perhaps we remember a special time, place, or event when listening to a certain song or type of music. So it is logical that music has the power to determine how the night will develop with friends or colleagues. This is the key – music sets the mood, connects people, energizes crowds, and enables new memories. 

Music sets the mood

Music sets the tone for your entire event. So it must be carefully chosen to instantly establish the energy in a space and influence the emotions of attendees. A good choice of music, a great band, or a powerful solo can build feelings of excitement, happiness, and anticipation in your audience. On the contrary, poorly selected music will leave them bored or annoyed, no matter how good other segments of the event are (food, venue, decor, etc.)

Connecting people

If you create a good atmosphere with music, people will be relaxed, energized, and more willing to interact with others. Genre and style definitely depend on the type of event, but music always helps to secure success. For your team building, you will probably opt for fun, popular music so coworkers can easily get in a good mood and spend some quality time together. If the aim of your event is networking among people that don’t know each other, you will want to think more before making a decision on the music. It could be some easy-to-speak-over lounge mix, or something with more energy if their networking time is limited and you want to get them moving and talking faster.

Music energizes guests 

When we organize any event, every detail is important, but music helps us to make attendees feel the atmosphere created for them. More often than not, we use music as an indicator of the different stages of an event agenda, even if the whole MICE activity takes place in the same location. Some clients have a certain vibe they’d like to create, and they let us find music that reaches their goal. While for others we have to suggest many different options so they can decide. In some cases, with those who have very specific preferences, we get into the nitty-gritty playlist detailing. Either way, we love this part of event planning.

So, music helps to create a positive climate overall and, therefore, a positive memory for your guests.

Enable new memories with music

What is left after the event is done are memories. We went into more details on this when we spoke of event photography, but the same applies to music. Your event soundtrack could bring good-times associations or symbolize some of the company’s achievements, long after the event is finished.

By now, we learned why music is important. Let’s now see how to make the best choice. You can always contact our team, since music for events is one of our frequently asked event services, and we have plenty of experience and music partners.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself. (We always ask our clients)

  • Is your event a special-themed one?
  • We must consider which type of event is and who your guests are.
  • What feeling or mood do you want to convey?
  • Is any music particularly meaningful to you or associated with your brand?
  • Do you prefer international or local music?

Based on this, we can suggest booking a DJ, solo singer, band or even more musicians and some additional entertaining elements.


There’s been a lot of research about how different types of music affect people’s behavior. Certain music genres can make us move through space faster, linger longer, change our perception and mood, or even make us spend more money.

For example, classical music is perceived as classy and sophisticated, so can temporarily increase the perceived value of an item. People projected some of the associations they had with classical music, e.g. sophistication, onto the item itself. It could be a clever choice for your next product launch.

Or maybe for your next conference, you want to welcome attendees with a spot of classical music, or introduce your keynote speaker with it playing in the background?

Did you like this topic?

We wanted to share something else with you. We get inspired to write this piece for you during one of our recent events. Music choice made that event a very special experience for everyone, including us who planned it. Since she inspired us, we owe her a mention at least. Feel free to check Gigi McFarlane, since she is one of our favorite Barcelona-based musicians. We would also like to feature two more of our great artists Fabio Canu and Raúl Orellana.

So, if you are planning an event during a large congress like Mobile World Congress, MIPIM, or Cannes Lions, get in touch with EAS. We will ensure your guests have the very best experience.

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