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When planning a trip to Barcelona, whether it is for holiday or for work, one of the first things you think of is transport from the airport to your place. Also, understanding how to move inside the city is the key.

Unlike other European cities, the transports in Barcelona are very efficient. And there are several options for every need.

Finding the best way to move around Barcelona is fundamental to enjoying your stay in the city. Barcelona is very well connected and its streets are not crowded. Public transport is efficient as well as ridesharing.

Some innovative services can be used to book a ride in the city and this guide will help you to understand which one is the best for you!


Barcelona Walking Tour | Small Group | Spanish Trails

Walking is the best way for sure to explore the whole city center. Also, in some quarters (“barrio”) is also the only possible way. Such as in Barrì Gotic or El Born. It is also very enjoyable to walk in the late afternoon along the seaside of Barceloneta.

It is the best way to tour every single quarter, but if you need to move from one quarter to another, it is preferable to find alternative ways of transport. The following ones in this article can be your choice:


Cabify is a service available only in Spain and the inhabitants of Barcelona, use it a lot.

It’s a user-friendly app for booking a private ride that will arrive in minutes! Just download the app, and it will be possible to book a ride from any point in the city to any other one. It will display in advance how much the ride is going to cost, who is the driver, and how long it takes for them to arrive. Usually not more than 5-10 minutes. You pay in advance, so there are not any surprises at the end of the ride. A ride inside the city center usually will not cost more than 10 or 20€, similar to a taxi.

Furthermore, with the group option, they can fit up to 6 people in the car. So, sharing it if in a big group of friends is an option.


Blacklane is very similar to Cabify, but it provides a high-end service. Professionals drive their luxury vehicles and ensure a premium experience for your travels. Users pay for an all-inclusive service, and it is cashless, so they do it in advance on the app.

Blacklane also has special attention to the environment, since all its rides are 100% carbon neutral, this is part of a global carbon offset program.

The booking of the service is easily done from an app, from which it is also possible to change or cancel rides on the go.

Blacklane offers also the possibility to have intercity rides, with professional chauffeurs all around the globe. Another convenience is the time of booking, which can be done minutes in advance.

The Airport transfer service includes flight tracking in the case of delays in order to make every airport transfer a breeze.


Minivips in an exclusive service of transport with professional and private chauffeurs, available 24/7. The service can be highly personalized and discretion and confidentiality are always granted! The chauffeurs working with Minivips speak several languages such as English, French, Italian, German, and Arabic, so language issues will not be a thing.

Minivips also provide luxury Maybach cars, Mercedes S, E, and the last models of Van for 6-7 people such as Sprinter for 10 people. For bigger groups, they also offer mini-buses, with a private assistant that will take care of the needs.


Cooltra is an innovative app for ride-sharing with electric motor scooters. The only requisite is to have a valid driving license and to create an account on the app. It will be possible then to rent a scooter wherever around the city just for the minutes necessary and to leave it anywhere in the area covered by the service. But be careful with driving in Barcelona if you are not used to it!

Public Transport

Public transport is very efficient in Barcelona. With its ten metro lines, there is not a single area that is not covered by the metro. In addition, a lot of tram lines and buses will allow you to move around everywhere. Public transports are also very cheap if a card is bought in advance. We recommend for a short stay to buy the T-Casual card that will allow 10 travels for only 11.35€. If you are planning to move a lot with the public transport during your stay, the “Hola” card will also be a good solution, with unlimited travel in 2 to 5 days depending on the ticket. The prices range from 16.30€ for two days to 38€ for five days. 

The easiest way to reach the airport by public transport is with the metro L9S that costs only 5.15€ and is connected with some of the main metro station in the city, such as: Cèntric, El Prat Estació, Les Moreres, Mercabarna, Parc Logístic, Fira, Gornal, Torrassa, Collblanc and Zona Universitària.

so the next time you are in Barcelona for a Business trip, or any other event, ….let us help you with the most exceptional experience.