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Cote D’Azure, Cannes, for many, a definition of a Heaven on Earth. If you are lucky enough to plan an approaching vacation or business trip there, we envy you. But, you still need some practical info. So, we are here to help.

We bring you practical info on how to get from Nice to Cannes.

There are a few options, you can choose the one most suitable for you.

When deciding which airport to fly to for Cannes, we have only one recommendation – Nice airport. The second-largest international airport in France (after Paris), Nice Côte d’Azur receives flights from across Europe, the US, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Hotel Shuttle

In the first place, check if the hotel you booked in Cannes offers an airport shuttle. Many of them do, sometimes free or at additional costs. You can contact our travel agents for booking hotels and arranging a transfer service.

Limo Service in Nice

If time is money for you, and you appreciate comfort and luxury over the price, then the limo service is the option for you. At the exit of the luggage area of your plane, a bilingual driver will welcome you with a sign of your choice and will take your luggage in charge of the reserved vehicle. Then, in the car of your choice, he will safely drive you to the pre-agreed drop-off location in Cannes. If you need assistance with booking a transfer, let us know.

Taxi to get to Cannes from Nice

Cheaper than the Limo service, a very popular and convenient manner of transport from Nice airport to Cannes is a taxi service.  Maybe you heard stories about expensive taxi services, but that belongs to the past. Taxi rides to towns on the Cote d’Azur are now regulated.  It is a fixed price of 80 euros to Cannes. 

After a victory in French courts, there is also UBER.  After the legal fight, the court ruled the firm is compliant with French law. So, now you can book with confidence – it’s legal.

Rent-a-car Nice Airport

At the Nice airport is a dedicated car hire building. You can book in advance (which is recommended) or visit a booth of one of the top global cire hire companies and choose a car at the spot. A ride from Nice airport to Cannes is usually around 40 minutes, via A8 highway. Be aware that tolls apply there, and some traffic jams may occur in busy seasons.

When driving in a tourist place, parking is always an issue. But, Cannes is always ahead of the game. So, now you can pay for street parking with your smartphone via a free download of www.whooshstore.fr with Google play or Appstore. It will also warn you ten minutes before the end of your paid-for parking. In the town center, you are able to park free for the first 30 minutes once a day at a parking meter, but you still have to get a ticket.  

Cannes municipality controls eight car parks.  These are Suquet, Ferrage, Cdt Lamy, Vauban, Republique, Croisette, Laubeuf and the Palais.  Number plate recognition is used and you are able to park free for three hours on a Saturday and a Sunday.  Parking is free for two hours a week and parking after 7 pm on a Saturday costs just three euros till 9 am Sunday.  The first hour of parking is always free.

Public transport to get to Cannes from Nice

Last, but not least, you can reach Cannes from Nice airport by tram and train.

Tramlines 2 and 3 operate from T2 and T1 at Nice Airport. ​You should get off at Grand Arenas the nearest stop for St Augustin railway station. there, you catch a train to Cannes. That journey is about 25 minutes long.  A ticket is not required for a tram ride from Nice airport to Grand Arenas.

​So, at the St Augustin railway station, you will easily find a train for Cannes. For the always updated information on the timeline, visit this website.

Did you find what you were looking for? If you need any additional questions on this topic, or anything related to your stay at Cannes, feel free to drop us an email. Our travel agents are at clients’ disposal at any time.


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