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event photo and video

You spend hours at site inspections to choose a perfect venue. Then you pay thousands to book it, and you know it is worth it. 

Also, you spend a good portion of your event budget on catering because you want people to be fed and happy. And it makes sense to hire the best catering company you can afford.

But after the event is over, the venue is empty and the food is gone – what remains?

Great photos and videos of your event. You now probably know that our answer to the question is yes, but let’s dig deeper into it.


Photos and videos are the only things after the actual event that you can show to others. More details they captured, better story you can tell. An experienced professional photographer is what makes a difference between having a few selfies on your smartphone at the end of the day and having a bunch of professional photographs of all your speakers, VIPs, and attendees enjoying themselves.


If you are in a business where promoting your company and your events matter (doesn’t it always?), you need a stock of professionally edited materials to use in the future.

It is important to talk to your photographer and videographer before the event and explain what is the most important for you to capture. Experienced professionals will know what to do if they are told their materials will be used in future marketing activities. In this case, paying (sometimes pricey) photo/video service is an investment.


Years after the event, when you are done with showing it and using it in promotional activities, you still have memories. You and event attendees will have a long-lasting memory and seeing photos and videos of the event remind them of the great experience they had.

Good photographers and videographers are the only vendors who will deliver a product that will continue to deliver value long after the event is over. 

So, let’s learn more about them and how to get the most out of their service.

The first impression of many is that those services are expensive. But, when we break down what it includes, you will get to the conclusion it is worth the money.


Professional in this field has spent years developing their skills, through countless hours of study and practice. It may seem like that, but professional photographers don’t just pull out their camera when there’s something to shoot. Videographers and photographers spend a lot of time practicing to develop, maintain, and advance their proficiency. And this is important to you because they will not practice while covering your event. They already know what they’re doing before they walk through the door.

If you are still not convinced and consider asking a friend with a professional camera to shoot your event or the other photographer that takes your family portraits, please don’t.

Typically, event photography refers to photographers who specialize in corporate events and have experience working in high-pressure environments, with a lot of people. It takes a completely different skill set and equipment from landscape or wildlife photography. 


Do you think that photographers use only their small cameras for the task of shooting your special event? The list is endless and could include: camera bodies (most photographers have two or more), lenses, flash, lighting equipment, battery packs, chargers, camera bags, lens filters, stabilizers, and more. Perhaps now you see that not everyone with a good smartphone can take professional photos and videos of events.


It is never “just a two hours event”. Think about editing. This factor that affects the price depends on how long the shoot took, and which type of editing you request. Editing time can range from one hour to 16 hours of editing. And we all know time is money.

On the other side, there is always at least one powerful computer and Adobe subscriptions. You know nothing is free, and professionals will use these for editing your material to deliver perfect results.


Most people don’t think about the time that photographer or videographer needs to get to your venue, nor the costs that occur on the way. Is it out of town, or very far? Price then may include accommodation and food as well.

Does all of this now make sense? If you understood the difference between professional and amateur services, we are on the same page.

It is important to mention that not every event requires professional services of this sort. It is completely fine if some photo or video professionals are out of your budget or the value they provide is not crucial for your event goals. So make sure that is the starting point of your decision-making process. 

But if you do need high-end photo and video services, we can help.

Maybe you already want to know more about some of our favorite partners in this field.


Shout-outs to Alejandro Moneo, the great Barcelona-based photographer. On his website, you can learn more about him and his services. But if you just need a quick look at his works or looking for inspiration, check out his Instagram page here.

If you are looking for well-edited, modern, and engaging video content, check out this guy.  He is our go-to video person, and you can learn more about him on his website.

Hopefully, we provides some significant insight on the importance of professional photo and video services. You can trust us on this. If you are planning an event soon and need our support, request a free proposal.

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