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Hey there jet-setters and deal-makers! Welcome to the glittering MIPIM Executive Dinners extravaganza, where the real estate business meets luxury on the French Riviera. As EAS, your go-to Executive Accommodation and Corporate Event Services since ’07, we’re about to reveal how our 360 solutions can elevate your MIPIM Executive Dinners. Get ready to discover a new dimension of luxury, networking, and gastronomy with a touch of EAS magic!

The Essence of MIPIM

MIPIM Executive Dinners
MIPIM 2023

MIPIM isn’t just an event; it’s a convergence of industry leaders and visionaries shaping the future of real estate. As your dedicated event partner, EAS extends beyond the ordinary, transforming MIPIM into a platform where your brand shines. We understand the pulse of MIPIM, and with our 360 solutions, we’ll ensure your MIPIM Executive Dinners become legendary moments in the grand tapestry of this prestigious gathering.

Unlock the full potential of MIPIM with EAS 360 Solutions.

Our comprehensive event solutions span from concept to execution, ensuring your MIPIM Executive Dinners are unparalleled experiences. Elevate your brand presence and make a lasting impact at MIPIM.

Explore MIPIM 360

Executive Dinners – Redefined by EAS 360 Solutions

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with EAS 360 Solutions. Our event architects are ready to craft MIPIM Executive Dinners that transcend the traditional, offering a seamless blend of luxury, innovation, and meaningful connections.

Setting the Scene for Top Picks in Cannes

Imagine this: You, under the stars, overlooking the Mediterranean, sealing deals at a venue that screams exclusivity. Our MIPIM Executive Dinners aren’t just about food; they are immersive experiences designed to captivate and engage your guests. With our 360 solutions, we transform Cannes into a canvas for your brand story, ensuring every moment is a masterpiece.

Culinary Excellence at Cannes Hotspots

From mouth-watering delights to dishes that redefine gourmet, our top picks curated by EAS 360 Solutions will have you questioning if you’re at a real estate business event or a Michelin-starred food festival. Our partnerships with renowned chefs guarantee a culinary journey that aligns with the sophistication of MIPIM.

EAS’s Top Picks for Executive Dinners in Cannes

Let’s cut to the chase – our top picks, now enhanced by EAS 360 Solutions, are the real head-turners, the crème de la crème of executive dining experiences. Brace yourselves for a taste of the extraordinary, with a side of EAS flair that goes beyond expectations and sets a new standard in event excellence. Here’s a sneak peak of our go-to restaurants for MIPIM Executive Dinners.

Table 22 – A Top Pick for Your Cannes Adventure

Table 22: MIPIM Executive Dinners
Table 22

This amazing place is run by former Alain Ducasse chef Noël Mantel. With EAS 360 Solutions, we add a touch of innovation to traditional Mediterranean dishes. The menu favorites now include cod filet cooked in “fleur de sel” with a bouillabaisse jus and cannelloni with fresh porcini mushrooms, creating an unforgettable michelin dining experience.

La Petite Maison – Tradition and Innovation in Cannes

La Petite Maison: MIPIM Executive Dinners
La Petite Maison

Located on the legendary Palm Beach in Cannes, La Petite Maison, enriched by EAS 360 Solutions, embraces the Mediterranean core not only in its dishes but also in design. Chef Yiannis Kioroglou, with our touch, elevates sunny recipes from lunch to dinner. This gem is now a canvas for your brand story, ensuring a sensory delight that captivates your guests.

Le Cirque – A Cannes Power Move

Le Cirque: MIPIM Executive Dinners
Le Cirque

This is an institution of the French Bistro. This restaurant utilizes local products of the season. With EAS 360 Solutions, the menu, curated under Chef Stephan Durand’s watchful eye, now evolves with the seasons. This French-style bistro becomes a must-visit place in the heart of Cannes, and with our touch, the convivial and lively atmosphere is elevated to new heights.

Ready to eat well in Cannes? Check out 8 of our favorite Cannes restaurants

Event Architecture in Cannes – EAS 360 Solutions

Enough about MIPIM Executive Dinners, let’s dive into the wonders of what EAS 360 Solutions can craft exclusively for you at MIPIM. We’re not just event planners, we’re architects of unforgettable experiences.

Gourmet Delights – EAS Style in Cannes

Picture this: You, and your entire company indulging in gourmet delights so exquisite they redefine luxury. We are highly connected and have created partnerships with top chefs ensure each dish at our executive dinners is a masterpiece. Your taste buds will receive the VIP treatment, making every bite an experience of unparalleled pleasure.

Wine Pairing Extravaganza – Sipping Success in Cannes

French Riviera Wine Tasting Experience

Hold onto your wine glasses, as EAS 360 Solutions takes you on a bougie journey. French wines, meticulously handpicked for your dining pleasure, elevate the flavors of each moment. It’s not just about sealing deals, it’s about team building. We can help you do it with a glass of the finest in hand, creating team memories that linger long after the closing ceremony.

Networking Redefined in Cannes

MIPIM is not just about business, it’s about creating connections that matter. EAS 360 Solutions transforms your ordinary networking into an extraordinary experience, making your connections as memorable as your executive dinners. Our immersive approach ensures every interaction becomes a stepping stone to lasting partnerships.

The Power of Connections – EAS 360 Style

Connections are the real currency of MIPIM, and EAS 360 Solutions understands their value. Our executive dinners aren’t just about delicious bites, they’re about sparking conversations that shape the industry’s future. It’s networking, EAS 360 Style – where handshakes turn into partnerships that transcend MIPIM and redefine the trajectory of your business.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities – EAS’s Cannes Twist

MIPIM Networking
MIPIM Event Networking

Ready to turn business talks into beachside banter? Our MIPIM Executive Dinners, now enhanced by EAS 360 Solutions, go beyond typical networking events. They’re relaxed, genuine, and the perfect backdrop for laying the foundation of lasting partnerships. When you work with EAS, you’re not just making contacts, you’re making friends, creating a network that extends far beyond the event.

The EAS 360 Difference in Cannes

Enough teasing, let’s dive into what sets EAS 360 Solutions apart.

Built by Design – EAS 360’s Cannes Blueprint

EAS 360 Solutions isn’t your run-of-the-mill events agency, we’re your event architects. We don’t just plan, we design. From conceptualization to execution, every detail is crafted with precision, ensuring your MIPIM Executive Dinners experience aligns with your brand vision and goals.

Exceeding Expectations Since 2007 – EAS 360’s Cannes Legacy

Legacy matters, and at EAS 360, we’ve been shaping the narrative since ’07. Over a decade of turning heads, raising the bar in executive accommodations, and crafting corporate events that stand out. Discover how our experience and expertise, now fueled by EAS 360 Solutions make us the trusted partner for those who demand nothing but the best at MIPIM.

Conclusion: Elevating MIPIM with EAS 360


In the grand of MIPIM, EAS ensures that your MIPIM Executive Dinners experience is not just put together, we add a touch of personal and innovative magic. Our top picks for executive dinners capture the spirit of corporate events, offering a taste of the extraordinary served with a side of EAS charisma.

Let EAS be your wingman, your flavor guide, and your ticket to an experience that lingers far beyond the closing ceremony of MIPIM.

At EAS 360 we’re not just about business, we’re about making your MIPIM Executive Dinners memories truly unforgettable.

One executive dinner at a time.

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