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With great power comes great responsibility, so it’s easy to say it’s bitter sweet building a relationship with your boss. As the promotions come and the salaries increase, the tasks become more high stress with more at stake. Your boss will delegate important tasks to those closest to them, and so naturally, the time will come when you will be asked to book perfect business trip for your boss.

Although this task may seem daunting, fear not! With our easy to follow, step by step guide, EAS makes planning your boss’s business travel experience a cinch.

Start from the beginning

The perfect business trip experience begins the moment you leave your house. With taxis being a thing of the past, opt for a ride share service such as Uber or Cabify to ensure your boss is transported safely from home to airport, with real time updates on driver location.

Speed up the boarding process

No one likes waiting, especially not while catching a red eye flight. Opt for priority boarding, and always check in online, and ensure your boss never travels with more than a carry on.

Make the flight more comfortable

Business class is an ideal option, but don’t forget that emergency exit seats are an affordable and easy way to upgrade your employers travel experience, no matter how short the flight.

Airport pick up for perfect business trip

Landing in a foreign city and beginning the desperate battle to catch a taxi, or attempting to use congested airport WIFI to order an Über is extremely frustrating. Arranging an airport pick up, through a local business travel agency like EAS, with a professional and accredited driver, saves both time and a headache.

Well located hotel

Eliminate the possibility of complaints from your boss by ensuring the hotel is well located, with ease of access for taxi and shuttle pick up, and noise free rooms without being too far from the center. Not sure where to start? Allow our qualified team at EAS to find the perfect hotel fit for every client, no matter the budget, nor requirements.


No matter how much you have planned and co-ordinated, things can always take a wrong turn, and is especially frustrating when you’re not there physically to resolve them. Place your boss in the hands of EAS Congress Cover, which assists with incidents of theft, illness, and overbooked hotels. 

Get covered now, for free!

Whether you’re travelling to Mobile World Congress, MIPIM or Cannes Lions, our team of local experts is on hand to help you cope with unexpected problems.

To benefit from Congress Cover, you simply need to sign up. Register for free today!

Get Covered!

Don’t jeopardise your raise for poor planning! Allow EAS to guide you through the business trip planning process.

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