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Imagine you are arriving at Barcelona airport and you are short on time before a meeting – what do you do with your bags? Or perhaps you want your luggage picking up from your hotel and delivering to Barcelona airport? Wouldn’t it be handy to have a secure luggage transfer service that can pick-up your bags wherever you want in Barcelona and drop them off at any location in Barcelona at your designated time?

Bags&Go (formally DW Consignias) offers you such a service. They have offices in Barcelona airport, Barcelona Sants train station and Barcelona cruise terminal. Once you have made your online booking you can simply drop your bags off at any of these locations and Bags&Go will securely store and then transfer your luggage to your chosen destination.

Bags&Go have been in the business of transferring luggage for visitors to Barcelona since 2007. They deal with tens of thousands of bag transfers each year.

The service is charged on a per bag basis – irrespective of the size of the bag. Your bags are inspected externally to make certain there is no external damage on your luggage before your bags are accepted with the service. In addition, bags for Barcelona airport or Barcelona cruise terminal are scanned with an x-ray machine to ensure there are no restricted items inside. Your baggage is insured with Bags&Go and the insurance is included in the cost of the service.

Bags&Go are also able to handle late night departures – you just need to specify this on the booking form.

One factor to consider before choosing this service is to ask yourself if you are likely to need access to your luggage before you pick it up at your designated drop off point. If the answer were yes, it would be better to consider a locker service instead.

There may be some feeling of uncertainty with the idea of handing your bags over to a third party to look after. However Bags&Go are a professional bag handling company guaranteeing you peace of mind. You can feel confident that they will do a good job of looking after your luggage and delivering it when you need it.

To book your luggage collection/delivery, click here.

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