Stay Connected and Informed! Part 1

WRITTEN ON 4 July, 2018

In today’s hyper connected digital world our lives, both personal and business run based on a steady flow of information.  In fact so much of our lives is digitised – our social interactions with friends and family, holiday snaps transmitted around the world in an instant and payment for our daily caffeine fix are just a few examples. As a result the digital devices we wear or carry round with us have become an absolute necessity, especially for business.

However, we have become so dependent on our connection to people and information; technology can be both a blessing and a burden.

So here’s some tips for the business traveller, to keep you connected, online and with the information you most need when travelling for business.


Every mobile service provider seems to have their own rules when it comes to allowing customers to use their devices outside of their home country.

Whilst some have this feature enabled by default, some require you to request this be enabled, or allow you to set this up yourself.

If you want to remain connected whilst abroad, be sure to check this before you start your travels.


Almost everything we do ‘digitally’ is made possible through our connection to the internet, and for this, we MUST have data access.

This is separate to a device being enabled for Roaming and ensures we have the ‘juice’ needed for all that information we plan to consume. 

Since June 2017, customers within the European Union (EU) countries are able to use their existing data allowances when travelling to other countries within the EU. This has likely saved many business travellers a lot of money.

However, some allowances are capped, and there are times when you may inadvertently roam outside an EU country zone (such as if travelling through France and you happen to connect to the Monaco mobile network), so be aware of what access you have as excess charges can be steep!

Travellers coming to the EU from abroad, should check first what their plan covers – buying a data plan locally when you arrive in Europe may be the best way to go.

Power is Everything!

The more we use our digital devices, the more charge we need, and when we are on the go at a trade fair or conference, our device batteries can drain quickly – ever tried to find a charging station when you need one?

Packing a battery charger (with power adapter if needed) is an obvious place to start. But who’s going to fade first – you or your digital device?

Adding a fully charged back-up charging device to your travel kit is also a must, to keep you on the go the whole day!

Not all ‘Apps’ are created equal.

Coming in Part 2, we talk about the must have ‘Apps’ (applications) every Business Traveller must have. Check back soon!