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Avoiding long airport queues, defeating jet lag and dealing with bad weather are all second nature to seasoned business travellers. Does this sound like business travel horror story?

In the majority of cases, business travel will go off without a hitch. It’s an excellent opportunity to visit new places, make new contacts, get to know remote colleagues in person and learn new things.

But what should you do when things go wrong?

Expect Sunshine, Prepare for Rain

Despite meticulous planning and extensive research, there may always be situations you’re not prepared for. And when you’re attending a conference abroad, the stress of these situations is heightened.

When travelling for business, the last thing you want is the starring role in a corporate travel horror story.

That’s why at EAS we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re attending a conference in Barcelona, Cannes or Cologne, EAS provides complimentary Congress Cover. Our team offers a personalised service to support you if things go wrong, even if you haven’t booked with us.

Our Congress Cover, which is valued at €250 is free for those who sign up for the cover on our website ahead of Mobile World Congress, MIPIM, Cannes Lions and dmexco.

We hope you’ll never find yourself in any of the following unfortunate situations, however we aim to help you be prepared whatever happens.

What to do if you’re injured or fall ill

Conferences can be full-on. From juggling seminars, writing up meeting notes and preparing mental checklists, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

And when you’re focusing on other things, accidents can happen – such as tripping on a kerb and falling awkwardly on your ankle.

Or attending a post-conference dinner event, only to arrive back at your hotel with that dreaded feeling in your stomach due to something you’ve just eaten.

Being hurt or unwell when in a foreign city can leave you feeling helpless. Particularly if you aren’t fluent in the language.

Our team will work to make sure you get the medical assistance you need, in a language you understand.

What to do if your valuables are lost or stolen

The feeling of having lost your valuables is unpleasant at any time, let alone when you’re in a foreign city and have no idea where the nearest police station is.

Whether it’s your computer, your wallet or your passport, losing your property while abroad can be hugely distressing and disruptive to your plans.

By signing up for our complimentary Congress Cover, you can contact our team who will be on hand to help you whilst you’re in Barcelona, Cannes or Cologne. We have local contacts and are able to advise on the best course of action.

Keep electronic copies of your identity documents and travel confirmations, so that you are never stuck without the key documents you may need.

What to do if your accommodation falls through

Arriving at a hotel to be told your accommodation has been cancelled is the last thing you want to hear, particularly if you’re in a city you’ve never visited before.

It’s not something that we expect to happen, so why do hotels sometimes cancel accommodation without giving guests any notice?

Occasionally a hotel can find themselves with no other option but to cancel the reservation if they have too many guests and too few rooms, for reasons such as overbooking or maintenance issues.

If there’s a burst water pipe, a kitchen fire or a power outage, the hotel may be left with no option but to cancel your booking.

Hotels which are forced to cancel a reservation will usually try to find alternative accommodation for you where possible. However if they haven’t had prior forewarning, they may only be able to refund you without providing an alternative.

With our complimentary Congress Cover, we will help you to find appropriate alternative accommodation – and quickly.

We work with the top hotel and apartment providers in Barcelona, Cannes and Cologne and can get you a room in an instant. With our Congress Cover, we will not not seek to profit from your situation; rather we will aim to ensure you have the right accommodation to fit your needs.

Get covered now, for free!

Whether you’re travelling to Mobile World Congress, MIPIM, Cannes Lions or dmexco, our team of local experts is on hand to help you cope with unexpected problems.

To benefit from Congress Cover, you simply need to sign up. Register for free today!

Get Covered!

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