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For Cannes film festival, the whole city is going to the movies. And everyone can take advantage of it to offer all kinds of activities, paid or not!

Are you attending Cannes film Festival on the French Riviera? Make a stop to visit Cannes! The Croisette is waiting for you!

1- Lérins Islands

Facing the Old Port are the Lerins Islands, the essential place to visit Cannes. Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat are two unique jewels where natural and cultural heritages shine.

Sainte-Marguerite Island

Sainte-Marguerite Island is the largest of the Lerins Islands. It offers an idyllic setting, between creeks and pine and eucalyptus forest. Welcome to the hiker’s paradise! The island has more than 22 km of trails, all offering unique landscapes.

Sainte-Marguerite Island also has a rich historical heritage, including archaeological remains and its Royal fort. If you want to visit Cannes in depth, don’t forget to make a stop in the Lerins Islands!

The Island of Saint-Honorat

Separated from Sainte-Marguerite Island by only 600 meters of sea, Saint-Honorat Island also has a rich historical past. Its Abbey of the monks of Lérins, as well as the remains of a fortified monastery and numerous chapels, make the island a destination conducive to meditation.

Saint-Honorat is 1500 meters long and is ideal to discover on foot. Indeed, it is wooded with umbrella and maritime pines, and offers beautiful viewpoints. Whether you are a visitor in search of spirituality or a lover of authentic places, come and discover these treasures of the French Riviera!

2- The Path Of Stars, Cannes film festival favourite

As in Los Angeles, the Cannes Walk of Fame pays tribute to directors, actors and other celebrities of the 7th Art who have marked history.

Thus, you will find here the hand casts and signatures of more than 300 personalities who have marked the history of the city. Come and discover these fantastic slabs that line the square in front of the Palais des Festivals and stroll along the Georges Pompidou esplanade and its gardens. The Path of the Stars offers you the opportunity to approach and touch the hand of your favorite actor!

3- Museums

The cultural heritage of Cannes is rich and varied. Take the time to enjoy it as it should be, by visiting for example the sea museum or the Castre museum.
The sea museum

If during your stay you go to the island Sainte-Marguerite, visit the museum of the sea. It occupies the oldest part of the Royal fort, classified as a historical monument. You will discover an important underwater archaeological material coming from wrecks found around the Lérins islands, but also fragments of Roman frescoes and the cell of the former state prison!

The Castre museum and its square tower

Musée de la Castre is located in the heights of Cannes, at the top of the Suquet. Located in the medieval castle, it is composed of the Sainte-Anne chapel and the Castre tower. Moreover, both are classified as Historic Monuments.

The museum gathers a rich collection of primitive art and Mediterranean antiquities. Also, it is famous for its musical instruments coming from all over the world.

La Malmaison

La Malmaison is a cultural space where large exhibitions of contemporary art are held every year. It is the only remaining pavilion of the Grand Hotel in Cannes, built in 1863 by the architects Vianey and Blondel. This prestigious place is located on the Croisette.

4- The Forville market

Forville market is a must to visit Cannes! Seasonal products, local fishing and flowers are offered. This large covered market is held in the heart of Cannes and is open every morning, except on Mondays when it gives way to the flea market.

The Forville market is a real invitation to a gourmet trip in Provence. You can also discover the many shops and terraces that surround it. Go there to enjoy the general atmosphere, but also take the opportunity to taste some local specialties. The Socca and the pancakes will surely be to your taste!

5- Le Suquet

“Suquet” means “summit” in Provencal, and this name is not insignificant! Indeed, the oldest district of Cannes is located on the Mont-Chevalier. From here, the view of the bay and the inland is breathtaking. The panorama starts from the Quai Saint-Pierre and goes all the way to the Old Port.

This shady area provides much needed coolness on hot summer days. Venture into the narrow, steep streets of the old town. Climb up to the Notre-Dame d’Espérance church and enjoy the most cinematic view of the city.

6- Vieux Port

At the foothill of the Mont-Chevalier stands the Old Port of Cannes and the Quai Saint-Pierre. They have become emblematic sites, retracing the history of the city of Cannes, once a fishing village.

On the edge of an idyllic seafront, the Vieux Port enjoys a privileged location. Originally, it was only intended for trade and passenger transport.

But, having expanded over the years, it has now become a marina that houses prestigious sailing ships. To visit Cannes at its best, make a small detour to admire one of the oldest ports on the French Riviera.

7- La Croix des Gardes

To visit Cannes is also to enjoy greenery and plants. The natural heritage of Cannes is as rich and fascinating as its history. So to appreciate all the beauty of the city’s landscape, go to the Croix des Gardes for a pleasant walk to the sound of cicadas.

Less than a kilometer from the city center, the Croix des Gardes is located on a hill, overlooking the city behind the Suquet district. It is a sensitive natural area nicknamed the “green lung” of Cannes. Indeed, the large forest park of the “Croix des Gardes” is a unique reserve for the wildlife and flora of Provence.

8- La Villa Rothschild

It is located in the Croix des Gardes district. It was built in 1881 for the Baroness of Rothschild. This magnificent villa and its park are both classified as historical monuments. So, if you come to visit Cannes, this place is not to be missed.

From the neo-classical style to the English gardens, this romantic place par excellence is a remarkable witness of the resort architecture on the French Riviera. In 1947, it was confiscated from its owners during the occupation. It thus became the property of the city, which installed the “Noailles” municipal media library and hosted many cultural events.

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