Is Your Business Eligible for a Spanish VAT Refund?

WRITTEN ON 27 October, 2021

Is your Business Eligible for a Spanish VAT Refund?

Learn more about whether your business is eligible for a Spanish VAT Refund here.  Our partner MICE VAT can help you through the entire process.

Here are a few scenarios to better understand the VAT refund process as it applies to Spain.

     Scenario 1: VAT refund eligible companies based in the EU, Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, Israel, Canada, Japan

Foreign Company (end-user of services):

  1. Can reclaim Spanish VAT if traveling to Spain for a business purpose (i.e. meeting, product launch, summit, conference, exhibition, etc.)
  2. Cannot reclaim Spanish VAT if the purpose of travel is solely leisure/incentive trip. 

Foreign Events agency (who purchase services for their business customer):

  1.  Spanish VAT can be reclaimed if the Events agency organizes an entire business event for their client and books all components. It’s important to have appropriate contracts & correct invoicing in place.
  2. Cannot reclaim Spanish VAT if booking only accommodation, organizing an incentive trip, or purchasing services for a business customer attending an international trade fair/congress.

    Scenario 2: VAT refund eligible Companies based in the rest of the world (only end-users of services)

    Companies are eligible for a Spanish VAT refund if they are attending a trade fair, congress, conference, exhibition (i.e. MWC, IBTM, etc).

  • In order to confirm final eligibility for a Spanish VAT reclaim, each specific case should be assessed individually.
  • Non-EU companies must appoint a local fiscal representative such as MICE VAT in order to submit a Spanish VAT refund application.
  • VAT is still claimable on invoices dated January 2021 onwards.

If you want to explore this topic and learn more about the process, read our full blog.