What to Expect From MWC19

WRITTEN ON 16 September, 2018

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is barely six months away and the leading tech visionaries are already gearing up for another show-stopping year.

MWC19 will take place from the 25th to the 28th February 2019 and will set out the latest innovations expected to revolutionise the mobile industry.

With a record breaking 107,000 visitors and 2,400 exhibitors attending in 2018, the next Mobile World Congress is poised to set the bar even higher.

So whether you’re still thinking about attending or you’ve already secured your tickets, here we’ll set out what you can expect from MWC 2019, with some of the topics that are tipped to feature in the hotly-anticipated keynote sessions.

Intelligent Connectivity

2019’s theme is all about shaking things up with smarter connections, encompassing artificial intelligence, personalising consumer experiences and real-time conversations, as well as pushing forward the race for 5G.


5G was the buzz topic of 2018 that will loudly reverberate into 2019. Large operators have made significant headway with this game changing technology, with the first 5G phones set to launch in 2019

The onset of 5G is due to turbocharge connection speeds with much improved coverage and lower energy usage. GSMA forecasts that it will cover around 40% of the global population by 2025.

T-Mobile has set out to build no less than thirty 5G networks in the US alone this year, and Huawei has signed partnerships with 45 operators to provide 5G – so we’re on the cusp for a significant mobile revolution.

So make sure that, while you’re at MWC19, you don’t miss the latest 5G announcements.

Artificial Intelligence

Our machines are getting smarter and smarter. Digital Assistants are being adopted and becoming more ubiquitous than ever before across the planet, securing their continued progress and development as they pervade every aspect of our modern lives.

Virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana will not be restricted to the realm of the individual – AI is also set to shape and transform industry as well. With the sheer volume of data that can be collected, AI and deep learning will digitally transform the world of business.

And the numbers are not to be ignored. In only 1.5 years, the AI market will be valued at $70 billion, having a dramatic impact on healthcare and medical breakthroughs, reducing costs for services, and improving customer experiences worldwide.

With mobile manufacturers like Huawei already having invested heavily in the field of AI, we’re excited to hear what’s new at Mobile World Congress in February 2019.

Digital Transformation

As connectivity and mobile tech becomes smarter, enterprises and governments will seek new ways to adopt digital transformations in the pursuit of more meaningful relationships with end users.

The enduring appeal of everything mobile continues to drive improvements in businesses productivity, compliance and revenue.

Expert keynote speakers from across the globe will share the latest digital transformation insights at MWC19, providing take-home use cases to motivate and inspire.

Smartphone Launches

Year after year, MWC sees the launch of the latest flagships from the likes of Huawei, LG and Nokia. But it’s what Samsung has in store that has everyone guessing.

The rumour mill is churning that Samsung will release the world’s first foldable smartphone at MWC 2019 with the Galaxy X.

And that’s not all – the Samsung Galaxy X is set to be the world’s first 5G phone as well. If true, the phone is rumoured to enter production in November 2018.

Mobile World Congress is always the place to see the latest flagship mobile releases, and 2019 is not expected to disappoint.

The Curve-Ball

Aside from the dazzling headline announcements of MWC19, we can expect some innovative human-level improvements intended to give manufacturers a sales edge in the year ahead. The appeal of improvements in things like battery life, screen durability and water resistance is difficult to ignore – and savvy tech firms will be honing-in on what appeals to everyday customers when looking too upgrade.

Get Ready For MWC19

So it’s clear, this year is all about intelligent connectivity and is set to make some significant headway in making the world much more interactive and engaged. We’ll have more clues about MWC19 in the months ahead.

Barcelona becomes a buzzing hive of activity and connection-building during Mobile World Congress, and at times it can be difficult to take full advantage of this without outside support.

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