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Planning an corporate event, finding a venue and booking entertainment at the same time can be stressful – especially when you add in a deadline. When you want that perfect party, for your premium clients, to celebrate that important project you’ve been working all year on; the pressure can really build up.

But fear not, this is where the professionals come in… In the same way you would use a Venue Finder for venues, Plumbers for leaks and DJs for dancing; event professionals and their preferred suppliers list can really help remove the stress of event planning by offering years of combined expertise.

As a professional International British DJ and a preferred supplier of EAS Experience, I’m what you would call an event professional. One of my areas of expertise is Entertainment; I’m literally obsessed with it. I care about the background music in an event space, the volume levels of a live band and the vibe of a room when you enter it. Having performed over 100 luxury weddings and an additional 100+ corporate events, including Cannes Lions, F1 Monaco and TWFA; I can confidently advise on Entertainment as a whole. More importantly, I can offer advice on the why, when and how event entertainment is used, ensuring maximum effect and minimal effort. Let’s start with WHY.

Why is entertainment important at a corporate event?

Have you ever been to an event and it’s just… flat? Or arrived to loud music and an empty dancefloor? Maybe you’ve been to an after-party to find a band playing but no one is there to enjoy it because everyone is talking and drinking? These are perfect examples of bad timing, lack of entertainment logic and missed opportunities when it comes to music and live performances.

Music should soundtrack a corporate event and set the mood; from guests arriving to the last minute of the night. This is why there is music in restaurants, DJs at parties and bands in bars – music brings people together and lifts the mood; it sets the tone for your event. Music takes away the awkward silences of a space, replacing it with a warm, inviting and celebratory atmosphere. Live performance adds blocks of entertainment which can surprise and impress your guests and a DJ provides the party atmosphere for your attendees to dance the night away after a few drinks. Not only can these three elements alone create memories that last a lifetime, they can strengthen your company/client relationships and become talking points for future events and get-togethers for years to come.

When Should you use Entertainment at your corporate event?

Well, the When (and the How) is totally up to each and every client – and that’s the importance of working with a team of talented entertainment professionals. The right people can advise and provide the perfect entertainment package based on the individual needs of each client or event.

The ideal agency not only advises on the WHEN, but also crafts the perfect ambiance for your event. From inviting background music as guests arrive to energetic DJ sets for after-parties, we cover it all. With expert guidance on timing bands and performances, we ensure maximum engagement on the dancefloor. Avoid awkward silences and lackluster moments with our tailored entertainment solutions. At EAS, we understand that each event is unique. That’s why we customize our offerings based on your brand, guest profile, and event type. Let us orchestrate the perfect entertainment package for your next event, ensuring every moment is unforgettable. Or services extend to large congresses and events like Mobile World Congress Barcelona, EIBTM, Alimentaria, and the America’s Cup in Barcelona. Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, MIPIM – the world largest real estate event, MIPCOM, MAPIC, TaxFree and the Cannes Film Festival, in the beautiful French Riviera as well as Embedded World, DMEXCO and OMR in Germany, and many others. We also host private corporate events throughout the year in Europeans top locations and venues.

So HOW do find the right DJ or Band?

How do you choose the perfect live music option? And how do you know what should be played to get people dancing? Firstly, pick the right people to work with and use their knowledge to match the right talent with your event. If you’re doing the planning and preparation yourself, it’s even more important to work with a professional team on the key ingredients of a great corporate event – entertainment, venue, food, and music. Pick an agency that has worked with brands that are a good fit for both your company and your guests.

We also suggest that you find someone who understands your needs and listens to what you want as a company, within your brand guidelines. Use past events as a talking point for what worked and what didn’t – and the event planner or agency will add to this organically. You might want to simply book a local DJ for a networking party – and that’s a great idea. However, the DJ needs to understand that guests will be talking and not dancing. Get that wrong, and no one will be able to hear each other.

For your corporate event and for your brand

The brief is Vice Versa if it’s an after-party – and the DJ will need to get the party started with the right music, at the right time, for the right people on the floor. Get that wrong and you’ll have an empty dancefloor. Some of your guests might request Hip-Hop or R&B during the night, and that’s great – these are your guests having a good time. However, the DJ will need to understand your brand and who you guests are. Get that wrong and you’ll have swearing and explicit language playing over the speakers as other guests walk in. We understand that these are probably the last things on your mind when you’re trying to create the perfect party atmosphere; and that’s what we’re here for.

And lastly, from How To, to How Much?

Bigger budget does not always mean better entertainment. Of course, the bigger the budget, the bigger the spectacle and with more money you have access to better artists. As a DJ, I’ve witnessed clients spend a huge amount of the budget on ‘famous’ DJ names only to find that actually the guests just wanted to dance to cheesy Pop or Disco, not EDM. Of course, a big DJ name can add value and pull to an event, but think about the guest list and the music before committing to that massive cost.

At the core of your entertainment spend, think about background music for ambiance and if drinks are served, are your guests going to want to dance? A great DJ can create an incredible party with minimal people and sometimes that’s enough, especially for smaller events. However, it’s wise to think about the entertainment budget as a spend per head in the same way you do food and alcohol. By adding in incredible live music and a professional DJ who can not only manage the music at the start of the event but bring the dancefloor to life later on; your corporate party will go from a professional get-together to an extraordinary event. 

Glen John is an international British DJ based in the UK and South of France. Having performed over 100 luxury weddings and numerous private events and parties, Glen now provides DJs and entertainment advice for brands around the world.


Instagram @djglenjohn

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