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EAS is a DMC boutique agency since 2007.

We take your business personally, and our approach is always hands-on with every client.

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EAS is a leading provider of Executive Accommodation and Corporate Event Services during key international conferences and trade events in Barcelona, Cannes, and beyond.

In addition, we support our customers in creating unique events and meetings throughout the year in venues around Europe.

We offer exclusive access to hotels, apartments, and venues when there is limited availability during key tradeshows and events.

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We are a fully registered
and accredited destination
management company
and travel agency.

Accommodation, venues, and event
services during tradeshows 2022 -2023

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Our services

Accommodation, venues, and events services in
Barcelona, Cannes, and other destinations worldwide. We manage all
of your corporate travel and event needs.

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

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A happy customer is a returning customer.
See what they say about us.

We help you create the event you need how and when you need it, no matter the size or the budget you have.

Leave the organization of your corporate event or incentive program in our hands. We plan your work with you, outline your needs, and put the steps in place to achieve your goals.

We are with you throughout the planning process and your event. With unique venues, meeting rooms, entertainment, and catering, and all of your accommodation; we take pride in listening to you, your needs, and your budget. We take the success of your event personally.

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