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Frequent questions & answers about our services and daily work

Why should I hire an agency?

As for every other business activity, it is better to hire professionals for the job. An event agency will provide you with event management consulting on the go and will use all its experience and human resources to create the best experience for you and minimize risks and potential mistakes.

Is it expensive to hire an agency?

Hiring professionals is always an investment rather than a cost. And agency fees are not fixed, they depend on your requests and are negotiable. You may be surprised, but an agency may even decide not to charge a fee, but to get a commission from suppliers. Also, if you calculate the money saved via good deals that agencies can offer, their services will be free.

What is the cancellation policy during the COVID pandemic?

It always depends on the venue or hotel in question. But, since the pandemic is still unpredictable, everyone is adjusting. In most cases, if governmental measures or travel restrictions are the reason for delay or cancellation, venues won’t charge a cancellation fee.

Why do I have to pay for No Show?

If the No Show is for a booked room or a seat over dinner, it has to be paid for, if it was not canceled in time. Every booking requires some preparation and/or stop sale action. If a venue or a hotel planned an income based on your booking, a No Show would be a loss for them, especially if it takes preparation such as preparing food or stopping the sales process for rooms.

If we have a big group for the accommodation of a buffet-style dinner, for example, hotels and venues usually tolerate a 10% decrease in the number of attendees.

Can you calculate the food and beverage cost just after the event?

To put it simply, the answer is no. F&B costs need to be set in advance based on the number of people, menu, and beverage packages you choose. To cater to people at the event properly, every venue or catering service needs precise information, to do the proper preparation.

Is it ok If I know the number of event participants a day before the event?

Depends on the size and type of the event. Usually, all preparations are planned based on the number of participants. One day is never enough to do all the preps.

What is the mandatory equipment needed for a meeting event?

For a regular meeting, a laptop, projector, and screen. If there are more than 15 people, the sound equipment should be included. Today, a strong internet connection and online platform for meetings are a must.

Can you privatize each venue for a special event?

Most of the venues you can privatize. Certain even for free and some at a privatization fee. But, on the other hand, this depends on the venue policy. An experienced event manager will know the answer to this question in advance, for most venues you are considering.

Can you make a venue set up on the day of the event, based on the instructions on the spot?

Not really, but again, this depends on the size and type of the event. Usually, venue setup requires additional staffing or furniture rent. That is why event agencies will always book a site inspection in advance, so you can choose on the spot how to set up the venue and give clear instructions timely.

How can you make the deadline for confirmation longer?

It does not depend on the agency but venue policy. They are in the business of selling, so you can not wait for your response for a long time or until a few days before the event date. They always offer a reasonable deadline for you to decide on their offer, but after that, they should start offering it to other interested parties.

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