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We make Company Incentives unforgettable

Custom made incentive experiences as per your team needs

What is an Incentive Trip?

It is a trip planned and paid for by the company, as a reward for employees who meet certain performance goals.

This incentive is usually organized annually, and most companies use it to motivate sales teams.

Why do companies invest in Incentive Travel Programs?

  • It is proven that incentive trips boost employees’ productivity and engagement, which can lead to a huge sales/business profit increase.
  • Travel is a universally appealing incentive and employees being part of it are less likely to leave their companies.
  • The top performers deserve rewards that go beyond recognition, commission, or a certificate of achievement.
  • In EAS we create incentive travel programs that reward your top performers with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, fueling their drive to keep achieving.

Why hire a specialized travel agency?

  • Hiring a professional agency can save a lot of money while building on the quality of the program.
  • EAS can provide you with a great deal with hotels and other suppliers, so you can lower your cost by an incredible 30%.
  • Running out of ideas for your next incentive trip? We got you covered.
  • Tell us your goals and we will customize the experience for you.
  • From private chefs or cooking classes, unique artistic performances for your team, adrenaline rush activities, team games, or fun trips to remote destinations. Possibilities are endless with EAS.

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