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Planning and organizing everything for your company’s presentation at the Trade Show is a time-consuming and stressful task. Let’s make your trade show packing easier.

Day or two before the event, it is time to pack for the trip and the exhibition itself. You may be already tired, or thinking about last-minute changes and arrangements, and it is easy to forget some basic items you will definitely need on the spot.


Here is our checklist of 10 crucial items to bring to a Trade Show. If you tick every box from a list, you can relax and focus on the presentation. Don’t take anything for granted. The fact of the matter is that the seemingly small features can leave a mark on your visitors. At exhibitions you only get one chance to make a good first impression, so making sure that you have all necessities packed is a good idea.

Business card and extra business cards

Ok, you know that you do not go to a Trade Show without updated, well-designed and high-quality printed Business Cards. But, make sure to bring enough of them. Even better, pack two loads and put them in two different places (suitcase and hand luggage e.g.) to make sure you will always have spare ones. 

Even today, when we exchange contact and communicate online, in e-form, a printed business card is a good reminder. It is especially important for businesses presented on B2B Trade Shows.

They are one the most convenient products for visitors to take, and also the most cost-efficient for you to produce.

Pen and other office supplies

It may sound pretty obvious that you’ll need pens and other office supplies at your booth at the Trade Show event. It’s also very easy to overlook and forget unless you write it down in your trade show packing list.

So, make sure to pack enough pens, pencils, markers, tapes, stapler and staples, sticky notes, etc.

Maybe you don’t appreciate its importance now, but you’ll certainly miss it if you forget to bring it.


Your trade show packing notebook

In day-to-day business,  you may use a smartphone for making notes, but pen and paper note-taking is the more practical solution for the Trade Show. You will use a small notebook to jot down personal notes and reminders to keep you on track, or in case you need to draw and explain things to visitors with greater clarity.



A sharp pair of scissors is a very useful item to have on hand when you are at the Trade Show.

They can be used for a lot of situations from cutting paper materials to trimming excess fabrics or correcting any slight faults that may occur during the course of the event.


Extension cords and power bank

Start by making a list of all trade show booth items that require electricity. The event venue will have power for sure, but you’ll most probably need to bring the power outlets. Even if Trade Show logistics provides some, it’s best to equip yourself with enough right extension cords. 


Also, a good idea is to bring a good power bank charger, to make sure you can keep your smartphone battery up and running throughout the day. This one you will appreciate the most on side events when you do not have access to a power outlet and regular charger.

Trash bags

At your trade show booth, a lot of trash will be produced, especially if you are providing snacks, chocolate, or refreshments for visitors. You must make sure to maintain the image of a responsible brand by using trash bags and decluttering often.

If nothing else, this will prevent your trade show booth from becoming a mess.

Extra outfit is essential in Trade Show packing

Personal appearances are also one of the key factors for success. Imagine now that you spill a coffee over your nicely ironed white blouse. This mental picture is probably enough to convince you to always have a spare shirt or blouse.

Water and energy bars

Don’t forget to pack some bottled water and snacks. Keeping yourself and colleagues hydrated and not hungry will lead to better work, communication, and customer service.

Some food and drinks may be provided on the site, but they are either costly or you do not find time to leave a booth and get some.

Hand sanitizwers and mints

Pandemic or not, it is a good idea to have a hand sanitizer by your side. At the Trade Shows, you come in contact with probably thousands of people during the day. Shaking hands or hugging can spread germs. Let hand sanitizer be your weapon in the prevention of getting ill during the event.

Mints, on the other side, help you keep your breath fresh, so you will always be at the top of your self-esteem while communicating with prospective clients and visitors.

First aid kit in Trade Show packing

Last, but not least there is a First aid kit. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but it is better to be prepared for some minor medical emergencies. It should as usual include bandages, band-aids, wound cleaning materials, and other items to support in case of a trip, fall, or cut.

That is our list, and we are telling you this from years of experience.  Good preparation is half of a good job. If you plan and prepare everything in advance, the chances for setbacks decrease.  Even if we talk about seemingly not important or small items that are on the list.


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