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The best French pastries in Cannes

Part of the experience on every trip is tasting local delis. When in Cannes, you must try some (if not all) French pastries.

We created a short guide on Where to find the best French pastries in Cannes.
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You already explored many restaurants in Cannes and local brunch places, but you are not sure about “boulangeries”? We’ll help!

First things first. Let’s learn more about French pastries in general.

French pastries 101


croissant pastries from cannes

Top of the list is logically booked for French pride – croissants. They are a little pastry made with butter and then carefully baked. As per legend, Marie-Antoinette was the one who introduced it in France, but the recipe changed over time, so now they are authentic french pastry. Ordinary croissants in other countries are made with vegetable oil and are usually straight. French butter croissants differ in taste, but also in their shape which is more the one of an actual croissant.

Éclair au Chocolat

eclair au chocolat best pastries in cannes


Fluffy pastry filled with moisture chocolate filling that gives great taste with every bite. The icing on top is firm but starts melting in your mouth once you take the first bite.

Combine this Eclair with fresh espresso, while reading a newspaper in a local cafe, for an authentic French chic morning.


macarons in cannes

They come in all colors and flavors but just one shape – perfect round famous macarons.

Many bakers mastered the skill of creating perfect macarons, and options are unlimited with tastes. So don’t miss trying them whenever you find some. Don’t just shop in the most famous producers’ shops.

Crème Brûlée

creme brulee best french pastries

Crème Brûlée is a pastry made with egg yolk, vanilla, cream, and caramel. The caramelized top is supposed to crack under your spoon to contrast with the creamy lower lair of the pastry. You can usually find Crème Brûlée as a dessert in the restaurant but some pastry shops can also have so


brioche best french pastries


Made famous by the sentence “Let them eat Brioche” that Marie-Antoinette is rumored to have said, French brioche can be used as bread. At breakfast, French people often trade their usual bread for soft and sweet brioche with strawberry or raspberry jam. You can also find a lot of nice little brioches with sugar pieces on top in a lot of pastry shops. French people eat those as a snack.

Lemon tart

lemon tart best pastries in cannes

This is a favourite among citrus lovers. A crunchy basket is full of amazing lemonish (not that sour!), jelly-like filling. They are also very popular as a dessert.


paris brest best pastries

A cake sandwich made of two beagle-like buns and lots of thick coffee cream inside. Thin peanut slices on top are just the perfect amount of crunches. There is a funny story about the name. It was given after a popular bike race between Paris and Brest. Back then, someone said the cake resembled a bike wheel. How does that sound to you?


Mille-Feuille best pastries in cannes


In some variations, they call it Napoleon. You probably already tried some versions of it. But, make sure not to skip French Mille-feuille. With layers of buttery pastry and pastry cream and liquid icing on top with chocolate leafy deco.

Best places to eat french pastries in Cannes

Cannes is full of inviting places where you can try great French pastries or have a dessert. In the city center, you will run across plenty of ice cream parlors, macaron shops, and stylish pâtisseries (of the highest caliber). Those places are great for breakfast, dessert with a cup of tea, or the essential after-dinner coffee. Read our list of some of the most popular spots.

Ladurée Cannes

Ladurée is a famous Parisian chain, famed for macarons and their desserts. This branch in Cannes is equally popular as its Parisian counterparts and sells a lovely selection of macarons and pastries.

Ladurée is a high-end pâtisserie and a great place to have a nice cup of tea or gourmet coffee with small chocolate and sweet bites on the side.
Their address is 79 rue d’Antibes, 06400 Cannes.

Lenôtre Cannes

You must know about Ratatouille. Well, Lenotre chef was the inspiration behind the animated film.

This place is a serious business. They offer internet orders, home address delivery, all sorts of amazing desserts, and even a chocolate blog.

Lenôtre is situated on rue d’Antibes. This street is full of other inviting chocolate shops and pâtisseries.

Bridget Bakery

If you are a sweet tooth, but still care for organic and healthy, this is a place for you. They use free-range eggs and organic flour in baked goods. Bridget Bakery is in the center of Cannes, not far from the Croisette. An interesting fact about them is that they serve regular coffee as a coffee shop. They are a bakery but offer a Nespresso machine for those who insist on having a coffee with their pastry.

The place is famous for its cookies, cakes, and other sweet delights.

Jean-Luc Pelé Patisserie

On the first mention of this place, one must think of their fancy-packed macarons. Jean-Luc Pelé, a chef, learnt his craft at Lenôtre. Then decided to set up his pâtisserie in Cannes. He promotes macarons with adventurous flavors, like foie gras. This lovely place serves every kind of pastry and dessert, and even sandwiches and savory snacks.

You can find them at Monti, 2690 Route de Sospel or 1 rue Partouneaux in Menton.

Jérôme De Oliveira – Pâtisserie – Chocolaterie

Place is run by Jérôme De Oliveira, a world champion of patisserie. It is a fancy boutique patisserie/tea room. Don’t miss to try jewel-like pastries, macarons, and their new creation, bubble cakes in assorted flavors.

They have two locations in Cannes. First is Jérome de Oliveira 91, avenue Louison Bobet, but you can also find them at 91 Av. Louison Bobet.

That was our list of favorites. Do you have something to add? Let us know. We love to hear back from you.

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