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Tipping In Cannes, France, or Europe, in general, is more of a courtesy than an obligation as in the United States. Don’t get us wrong, Europeans do tip when we are satisfied with received service, but it is more casual here. Also, it is completely fine not to tip if you receive poor service.

Tipping at restaurants

Most of the restaurants in Cannes have service charges included in the item price (around 15% and it is not VAT). Also, it is not a tip that goes to the service staff. Management considers that as business revenue and uses it to pay salaries to the staff. So, tipping staff directly is OK.

If you are happy with the service you received, you can tip, separately from the invoice. Any tip amount is welcome and appreciated. Even if it is only one or two euros. On the generous side, we have 5 to 10% on top of the invoice amount. Once again, this is not a rule, nor it is obligatory, but it will be much appreciated by your waiter or waitress. The salary that restaurant staff receives in France is a standard living wage, so they do not rely on tips to raise their incomes, like their colleagues in the US.

Tipping your taxi driver 

The tipping taxi driver in Cannes (just as restaurant staff) is not obligatory. It does not matter if it is a prepaid taxi service, or just pre-arranged. Sometimes, locals (and tourists) tip their drivers on the way to round up the amount to the closest round number. It is also convenient when it comes to giving change.

Tipping hotel staff

In Cannes (and in the rest of Europe) it is not mandatory to tip a hotel porter or maid, but (as with waiters) it’s a nice gesture to give them a tip, to show you appreciate their service. They receive full salary, but it is usually a minimum for those positions. So if you feel they are doing a good job and are polite and kind, it is nice to tip them. Up to five euros for the porter is usually enough, and for the maid, the amount depends on how long you have stayed there. A euro or two per night is just fine.

To conclude, when it comes to hotels, it’s customary to tip luggage handlers, maids, and concierge, but not large amounts, nor it is mandatory.

Tipping your venue after a private event/group dinner 

Tipping after your event/ group dinner will depend on the location. During MIPIM and Cannes Lions in Cannes, France, for example, we suggest tipping 10-15% on the net amount.

Don’t tip for poor service

As mentioned a few times before, tipping in France is never mandatory, so do not feel the urge to tip when you receive poor service. Tips come from satisfied guests/customers, staff appreciate it and maintain the high quality of service, so they constantly receive tips. If it is the opposite, we don’t want to lead them to bring down the level of service.

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