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This article provides an easy-to-follow outline and answers some of the most important questions regarding the process to reclaim VAT for your business expenses in Spain.  You will learn if you are eligible and what expenditures and steps to reclaim the qualifying VAT.

Who is elegible to reclaim VAT for business expenses incurred in Spain?

If you own a company established in an EU member country, have had specific taxable expenditure in Spain, and have not conducted any taxable operations in the country.

If your company is established outside the EU you are still eligible, but you are required to appoint a tax representative with a fiscal residence in Spain, to be in charge of communicating with the Spanish Tax Authority throughout the process.

When you can reclaim VAT on your business expenses?

The claim can be submitted up to one year following the year when the expenses were incurred, but no later than September 30th (year n +1).

For example, if you have expenditures for MICE services or accommodation in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress (MWC) or Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in June or July 2021, you must file a request for VAT reclaim before September 30th, 2022.

What business expenses qualify for VAT reclaim in Spain?

Include all the invoices issued to your company, for any of the following services: hotel accommodation, restaurant receipts, car hire, petrol and diesel costs, hosting or participating in events where VAT is charged, and even goods transport and rental of inventory for fairs (for example exhibition stands).

Remember, if you have received any invoices for events,  (during the Mobile World Congress or Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona, as above)  or any other meetings, event services, or team building activities in Spain.  These invoices can be included to reclaim the VAT related to your event. 

Please note the above-mentioned services may have some specific provisions and this is not an exhaustive list.

How we can help you to reclaim VAT?

EAS is proud to partner with MICE VAT – the first VAT reclaim firm specialized in foreign VAT recovery for the MICE sector. MICE VAT helps companies to successfully process invoices incurred on services purchased for Meetings, Conferences, Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Fairs, Product Launches, and Business Travel.

Did you know? – You can even get pre-event personalized advice on how to maximize the recoverable VAT amount?

Our partner has built strong relationships with European Tax Authorities to give businesses the opportunity of reducing their international costs smoothly and seamlessly.

All updates and progress on your claims are regularly reported by your account manager throughout every step of the process. In the meantime,  you can rest knowing the experts are working diligently to process your claim as quickly as possible.

In short, here is how:

  1. Analysis of your request
  2. Guided preparation of legal argumentation & supporting documents.
  3. A compliance check is done and your VAT  application is submitted.
  4. Relax while MICE VAT manages the communication and appeal to the TAX authorities
  5. Refund of your VAT

If you need assistance in preparing your invoices, or would like to know more about what to do, feel free to send us your questions HERE.


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